Atlas Rising

I am pleased as punch that Atlas Shrugged is getting more media attention these days. It’s even the positive kind of attention.

I enjoy digging into new people and ideas and learning everything I can about them, especially if the people have profound ideas. The most lasting passion that I have had has been for the ideas and stories of Ayn Rand. It started off as a side research foray into learning more about Rush, whose drummer and lyricist had dedicated an album to “the ideas of Ayn Rand”. That album was 2112, the novel was Anthem.

Now, in my years since I read Atlas Shrugged, I’ve come across a few people who read it without picking up on the deeper plot, that those who are committed to living their lives in this world owe everything to keeping their minds in touch with reality, and owe nothing to the people who won’t raise a finger to help themselves and use guilt in the living to eke out their so-called survival. One person remembered it as “that book about trains”. Oh well, let’s hope that this upsurge of interest in Ayn Rand’s writings will be the “fountainhead” of a surge towards a continuation of the enlightenment’s true goal.

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