Twitter Confusion

Going off of what Owen Williams writes about, I realize that I too don’t “get” Twitter.

I mean, I use the site, but haven’t found much value from it. I treat it like the old-timey .plan files that control what comes up if you finger another user on the UNIX system at college.

Much like other people new to Twitter, I follow some celebrities and companies, so my signing up is a consequence of the Network Effect.

I post to it what I would otherwise share on Facebook–which gets posted on Facebook anyways because of the integration app. I wouldn’t bother posting to the site otherwise.

This article has prompted me to check out my feed and see if I can address one of my main nits to pick: The sheer volume and disorganization of the feeds. I figure I can do this via the Lists feature, but I balked once I realized that once created, there’s no true way to delete the list, and the editing/adding flow is clunky. I was expecting that with this Web 2.0 site, I’d have some fancy drag/drop interface to add people I’m following into lists. And that the lists feature would be more prominent.

I also have the Official Twitter App on my phone. I’d use it more (or at all) if the recent update didn’t clobber my access settings. The password I picked for my Twitter account is a PITA to type in, even with a physical keyboard. I noped out, once I realized I had the prospect of signing up again on my phone.