The Comic Sans Pledge

I made this pledge a long time ago, but it bears repeating.

I, David The Machine, understand that my choice of font has the power to subconsciously & incorrectly set the tone for a piece of printed material, and as a result promise to seriously consider whether Comic Sans is an appropriate font choice before using it in any printed work in the future.

David The Machine


Terrible Typography

I’m a web developer in my day job. I work the front- and back-end, and I have to practice good typography as part of what I do.

My commute takes me by this piece of work at a car rental place:

Terrible Typography

The problems with this are many:

It’s some small consolation that the shop is out of business, but it has more to do with the lackluster California tourist industry, not the poor signage.

In the meantime, this will be an enduring collection of many of my pet peeves.

Edit: add link for Grocer’s Apostrophes