I Have Moved to WordPress

I’ve installed and configured a WordPress blog at work, and found enough neat features in it to prompt myself to drop development on my blog software so I can get on with writing content. After all, that’s what a blog is for.

I will reintroduce my old posts, if not in full, and begin to unleash my opinions to the world at large once again.

Hello World

I am on the way to writing my own piece of blogging software. Even if I have a placeholder put up, I should put something up to show that there is a real person writing these words. Early visitors to this site were audience to a greeked-up test page. I don’t have the comments set up yet, and everything else is still static.

What do I hope to accomplish with this blog that I’m writing? This blog will be a place where I can help myself to make sense of the world, and to sort out my cluttered mind. I resolved to take up a hobby that is more mentally active. I enjoy the study of ideas, but part of studying is to state your knowledge your own way, so that is what I will work for with this blog, content and presentation-wise. I also hope to write a pretty spiffy blogging software package. Let’s see where this ends up.