The Israel Test

Prager University has put together a video that points out the root cause of why Israel is hated by many of its neighbors. The moral point here is to illustrate Ayn Rand’s observation of destructive envy and hatred, hatred of the good for being the good.

It’s also a good distillation of the history of the State of Israel before it was founded. The common belief is that Israel was hastily founded as a refuge for Holocaust survivors, which is not the case. The nation was built up by 19th-Century “Zionists”, who performed title searches and peaceably bought the land when the area was under the control of the British Empire. The settlers then cultivated the land, and made it possible for all peoples to flourish and prosper, long before the 1948 founding of Israel.

I Share In The Nerdrage

The sad thing about the current batch of Lenovo Thinkpads is the trackpad & trackpad button cluster is now a single dickpad (intended), and the keyboard layout is broken by design.

I realize that some tradeoffs need to be made to keep manufacture cost and weight down, but not this way. The subtle mechanical cues have been removed, which makes for an across-the-board reduction in touch typing ability.